Housing Cooperative

NOTE: Karen and Gail are not facilitating the formation of the Housing Cooperative and will not be members. We are helping you to find each other and figure it out.


We (Karen Nelson and Gail O'Sullivan) have decided it’s time to move South to Baja Califonia, Mexico and create a home in a warmer climate. Our plans are to sell the house at 311 9th Ave SE Olympia, WA to a Housing Cooperative - if possible.

We are aware that our departure leaves a vacancy in the community that we love. Our intention is for this space to remain a community hub with affordable housing. Our best vision is for it to be bought by a group of people who form a housing cooperative and maintain it together.

We’ve already done considerable work on developing the cooperative and would be happy to pass along our drafts. We’d like to sell it furnished - right down to the wine glasses!

See our "Cooperative" page to check on current progress.

Here's a great presentation on what it takes to launch a successful Co-operative Housing operation:

Cooperative Housing