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We believe that money is not our only form of currency.  It is important to us to make our classes accessible to others.  If you are interested in one of our programs, please let us know.  We encourage you to request a work/trade arrangement if that is necessary for you to join us.  We will ask you to share more about your situation, how much you can pay towards the course, and what skills and talents you might be able to offer in exchange for the remainder of the cost. 

Often, work/trade arrangements can be more valuable than money.  It can be a wonderful asset to have people to help us with outreach, cooking, organization, and more. 


Ideally, work-trade arrangements are completed prior to the course. This is a commitment to yourself, other course attendees and staff so please make sure you’ll have the willingness and energy needed if you seek this option.  You’re welcome to get in touch with questions about tasks and roles for work trade.  Please fill out our form to apply.  We will be in touch with you shortly.


We want our offerings to be accessible for all.  Scholarships are available on a case by case basis.  The amount of scholarship will be decided, depending upon available funds.

We encourage anyone seeking scholarships to be proactive. Try to  fundraise money from your community.  Some organizations will contribute funds in exchange for people sharing about their experience in their community after the course. It is helpful when candidates are able to contribute some money towards the expenses of the course.  This helps make our scholarships and work/trade opportunities available for more people.  Anyone may apply.  Contact us for inquiries.

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