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About Us

Fertile Ground gathers people together in the Cascadia bioregion to celebrate our relationship with the land, recognizing that true resilience comes from this connection.


  • We offer workshops, seasonal celebrations, work parties, opportunities for reflection, community-building activities, and times to play together; highlighting the intrinsic benefit of coming home to the land as a foundation for stability in our bioregion.

  • We honor the seasonal cycles of life in Cascadia with celebrations and sharing information about the meaningful work necessary to grow food and sustain our natural environments.


Our group is passionate about our natural resources, from forests to seasides to cultivated landscapes. 

  • We extend this enthusiasm with educational opportunities and skill sharing to help build the capacity of our community. 

  • We love to share food and have meaningful discussions while surrounded by dynamic natural biodiversity settings.

By coming together in this way, we enhance the power of connections. We highlight and weave together the work of other organizations in our region, helping our graduates find right livelihood opportunities to contribute to the strength of our bioregion and its ecosystems. 

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The mission of Fertile Ground is to cultivate urban and rural sustainability, regeneration, and resilience on a local and bioregional scale through sharing resources to enhance life, providing opportunities for education and community building, promoting local expertise and materials, and inspiring others to take action.

Rights of Nature

Recognizing the Rights of Nature is essential to our work with Fertile Ground. The Rights of Nature law recognizes that “an ecosystem has the right to exist, flourish, regenerate its vital cycles, and naturally evolve without human-caused disruption.”

As citizens of our bioregion, we are dependent on the health of our ecosystem for the stability of our place. Throughout the world, ecosystems are being depleted due to exploitation, overconsumption, and a lack of understanding of good stewardship practices. At Fertile Ground, we seek to connect the people of our region with our local ecosystems and the species that live in our place. We offer opportunities to learn more about our local ecosystems, and how to enhance biodiversity and soil health.  

The Rights of Nature is a global movement that has prevailed for the health of natural ecosystems in many legal cases of exploitation throughout the globe. Ecuador recognizes the Rights of Nature in its constitution.  

The Rights of Nature: A Global Movement - Feature Documentary

The Rights of Nature: A Global Movement - Feature Documentary

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