The City of Olympia recently purchased the two lots to the east of our property and they intend to turn it into a Peace and Justice Park in the next 2 years. They have involved us, the Timberland Library, and Media Island as neighborhood stakeholders in the conversation. The new owners of this home would also have a seat at the table as the development continues. They also propose to remove the street between our house and the library to make the park wrap around our property. We have welcomed all of these innovations and feel certain it will add value and function to the property. Here's a link to a PDF of one of the presentations given by the city to the stakeholder group.

Just a few blocks north, our downtown area is hopping with things to do. There are many restaurants, galleries, performance venues, and shops. Several festivals take place downtown each year. If you want to drink coffee and people-watch, there's no better view. Upcoming events.

Olympia is where the Deschutes River meets the Puget Sound, giving the area an abundance of coastline, both fresh water and salt. Boats of all sizes sail in and out of the nearby marinas. Percival Landing has 1.5 miles of boardwalk with artwork and interpretive displays outline the history of the harbor.

The Farmers Market, the State's largest, offers the finest in handicrafts, baked goods, and fresh produce. Not only can you shop, but also have lunch and listen to live music. Open April through December, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (360) 352-9096

Washington State's capitol is located just a few blocks south. Surrounded by stunning buildings, landscaped seasonal gardens, greenhouses, fountains and monuments. Find out more about touring the Capitol Campus on the State's website. (360) 586-TOUR

Olympia's parks are beautiful, unspoiled forests full of native plants and fungus. Any season of the year they are delightful walks. We can suggest which parks to explore given your specific interest.

Built in the 1950's to reflect the Capitol Dome. Once a series of mud flats that oozed the Dechutes River into the Puget Sound at a slow rate. Now - enjoy a 3 mile walk around the lake where fish and foul work out their co-existence.

In downtown Olympia, you'll find a spring fed fountain which spouts water from its own artesian well. Residents enjoy several of these natural springs throughout the downtown area.

Intercity Transit's main bus terminal is just 5 blocks north. (Greyhound is only 3). using our local bus system, you can get all over the county. Just across the street there's a free capitol campus bus that runs all day.

Small Mountains made out of molehills, is that what the Mima Mounds are? The mounds are mysterious, evenly spaced rounded hills twenty minutes from downtown Olympia. Explore these geologic formations of unknown origin.

Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge offers miles of level trails for those interested in Puget Sound Wildlife, especially birds. To help capture your findings, they are complete with viewing platforms and photo blinds.