Welcome to this new expression of our demonstration of urban sustainability on a neighborhood scale. After the Fertile Ground Guesthouse closed in 2018, we returned to our original mission: to find a way to give this property to our community. We sought legal council and direction from the Northwest Cooperative Development Center. We are also collaborating with the Thurston Housing Land Trust. This is a long and complex process, but once we figure it out, we look forward to being another great resource to help others navigate this transition. See our "Cooperative" page to check on current progress.

This Land Trust/Coop Housing is what we've wanted from the beginning but we had to pay the bills with the Guesthouse while we figured it out. Running Fertile Ground Guesthouse was a wonderful way to serve the community, meet the families of locals and meet interesting travelers. We appreciate every one of you who have contributed to our business.

Here's a great presentation on what it takes to launch a successful Co-operative Housing operation:

Cooperative Housing