Tierra Fecunda

We're just walking away from cold and rain

and into sunshine and beaches

We (Karen Nelson and Gail O'Sullivan) have decided it’s time to move South to Baja Califonia, Mexico, and create a home in a warmer climate. Our plans are to sell the house at 311 9th Ave SE Olympia, WA to Karen's sister and leave on May 6, 2022.

EVERYONE is invited to our send-off party on Cinco de Mayo. Starting with the hugs at noon during the packing of the pickup truck and finishing by 10PM.

Food and live music will begin around 6PM. Bring a taco filling if you want to contribute. (Bring it already chopped/grated/cooked!)


If you haven't already come by for a hunk of the garden. It's not too late. Come get plants, rocks, and soil before it gets flattened. We also have a free shed in the alley with our housewares, games, tools, etc.

We appreciate all of our friends here so much and we will miss you. Hopefully, you'll come to La Paz to visit us.