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west room

The West Room is our most popular room. It's smaller than the North and South rooms, but it has its own private bathroom with a shower. There's the big comfy queen size bed where afternoon sunshine pours in. This room is our tribute to the warmth and hospitality we associate with Latin America. (¡Se habla español!) Treasures from our own travels are waiting for you here; panoramic shots of the ruins at Palenque, Pablo Neruda's love poems, a woven blanket from Ecuador, textiles from Peru's Shipibo Indians, Huichol figurines, and Frida Kahlo's smiles, of course. Through the western windows you'll peek past a trellis supporting hardy kiwi vines. In the yard outside, you'll see our cob oven with cedar trees towering behind it.

You'll sleep well here on organic cotton sheets. Our organic cotton comforter and pillows are filled with pure wool and locally made my Holy Lamb Organics.

We've made special provisions so this room is as safe as possible for people with allergies or chemical sensitivities. So safe, in fact, that a local allergist sends her patients to us after treatments so they can have the time they need away from home to further their healing process. The West Room is the only guest room on the main floor and has the easiest access to outside.    
West Room guests love having their own bathroom adjacent to their room. The shower has great water pressure, too.

Rates are the same for all rooms:
 $110 single; $120 double

West Room Availability