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north room

This spacious room is upstairs and at the front of the house, making it the sunniest room we have. The large windows look to the north over the public library's pyramid shaped sky light, past the tall towers of the old legislative building and (on a clear day) all the way to the Olympic mountains.

Fir floors and rugged molding give this room an old west feeling. The headboard was made from recycled barn wood with old nail stains that remind us of the weather it's seen. Lumber for the bedframe and headboard wood comes to us locally from Windfall Lumber and made by a local craftsperson.

We use organic cotton sheets with all thread counts over 250. In winter, you'll have flannel. In summer either sateen or percale. You have your choice of feather, foam or wool filled pillows, too!

Our organic cotton comforters are filled with pure wool and made locally by Holy Lamb Organics. We have every kind of comfort you can think of so don't be afraid to specify your preference or abhorance of wool, cotton, down, or fiber-filled. We want you to be comfy.

Imagine yourself sitting at this table and chairs as you enjoy your morning coffee or tea.

Wireless internet is strongest in this room. The day bed you see tucked in the alcove is a trundle bed, providing space for two more twin sized sleepers. We charge $20 for extra guests. But if your child is young enough to sleep with you, of course there is no charge. 

There's also a well lit, very large, walk-in closet waiting to hold your belongings. We have a playpen stored in there, in case you need one.

The North and South room connect at either end of the same hallway. Between them are the shared bath and the Library.

This lovely bathroom is shared by guests from the North and South rooms. Your towels and hooks are clearly labeled to make it easy. We find that guests manage to work around each other's schedules with surprising ease. When there are no guests in the downstairs West room, we can offer you that shower, as well. We even have a third bathing location, the shower that connects with our sauna (see extras). We don't anticipate you having problems sharing, but if you do have concerns we'd like to know because we might be able to work them out.

Soak for a while in our long claw foot tub. We have various bubbles, bath salts and herbal potions for you to enjoy. Light a candle and unwind. The pedestal sink has a mirror that swings over it for shaving and primping. We also provide a blow dryer and other amenities you may have forgotten at home. Just ask!
These wood floors have recently been released from years of sticky linoleum. We're happy to welcome them back into action. The stubborn linoleum under the tub was beautifully covered by these large beach rocks. 

Rates are the same for all rooms: $110 single; $120 double.

North Room Availability