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Welcome to the best of both worlds: Fertile Ground is a confluence of past/future, urban/agrarian and local/global influences. With our mature gardens and towering bamboo, you'll enjoy both quiet green seclusion and the walkable convenience of staying downtown. Built in 1908, this old wooden house gives the feeling of going back in time while offering the best of today's technology. Olympia is a perfect launching point for exploring the region. We're half way between Portland (S) and Seattle (N) and about the same distance from the Pacific Ocean (W) or Mt. Rainier (SE). They're all day trips.

We have three guest rooms with queen size beds on site. We also host guests at three offsite locations: the Bamboo Bungalow, the Union Place and the Ground Inn Bunk & Breakfast. Check the links in the sidebar for more information about the particular space. Click here for an overall rate structure.

We've been honored to have many wonderful people here as guests. We've had the pleasure of meeting authors, artists, film makers, and so many other interesting folks (like you) - that they are too numerous to mention. Getting to know our guests is our #1 Job Perk!

Pictured here is Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now!. Because of all our diverse talents and enterprises she said
"I call people like you - 'DoAllogists' "
Thanks Amy!
When our hero, Alan Atkisson, booked a room we were so excited because it was his book, Believing Cassandra that gave us the inspiration to start a green B&B. 
Other amazing guests include: