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Commons ~ Neighborhood ~ Classes ~ Library ~ Sauna ~ Kitchen ~ Garden 

Besides all the usual great stuff any bed & breakfast offers, we can boast about the great extra perks that you might optionally enjoy while you're here.
The Commons - Our neighborhood is in the process of uniting around the concept of the Commons. We've taken down fences and merged our properties, we tool-share, car-share and collaborate on projects. There's a lot more information here on the Commons website.

Neighborhood - We're lucky to be situated right behind the Olympia Timberland Library which is fun for the kids, a place to print boarding passes or just browse the collections. We're right down the street from the Post Office and we're surrounded by local enterprises. The Capitol is in walking distance and quite visible from the upstairs bathroom window. Plus all of our neighbors are great!
Classes & Workshops are regular occurrences here. We'll let you know if your reservation happens to coincide with one. The Olympia Food Coop hosts 3 - 4 classes per month on topics related to healthy eating.
- We have our own small library on the second floor with a collection of about 1,000 books and videos. Some of the topics include: Sustainability, the Pacific Northwest, Herbology, Chinese Medicine, Consciousness Expansion, Weird Science, Gender Issues, Biographies, Poetry, and of course, Fiction. If you're into relaxing, there are lots of great movies, and cable TV.

By law, we're only allowed to make you breakfast, but you're welcome to putter around in our kitchen if you want to fix other meals here. We'll provide you with space in the fridge. It's easy to find anything in our kitchen because we use open shelving, pot racks, etc. Make yourself at home.

Garden - The green space around our home is probably what people love the most about Fertile Ground. As you can guess by our name, we are popping with flowers and food during the warmer parts of the year. We have groupings of tables and chairs all over the yard so you can make yourself comfortable outside; reading in the sun, picnicking on the clover, or just relaxing. Everyone loves the chickens!